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Designed specifically for food banks, Primarius develops a community resource planning system that helps organizations with the unique challenges they encounter while carrying out their mission.

Since 1985, Primarius has been developing software solutions and providing customer support for both Feeding America and independent food banks. Primarius's latest innovation is P2, a Web-based platform that equips your food bank with the tools to efficiently manage your operation.

Primarius is a product of ECCA, headquartered in Erie, PA.


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About Fifo

First In our hearts, First Out of the pound

Fifo is the official mascot of Primarius. His origins come from Primarius's focus on the food bank community.

The Primarius Users' Group Meeting (PUG) is an annual event that provides an opportunity for Primarius users to gather together and share new ideas about the challenges they each share.

Not only does the PUG allow food banks to network with each other, but it's also an opportunity to learn about and provide input on the Primarius software suite's future direction.

The official pug mascot was named via vote by the attendees at the #2018pug.