Primarius University


Online Classes

Primarius University is an ongoing series of virtual classes that focus on specific features. These sessions are opportunities for both new and existing users to learn about different parts of the system and the various ways they can be utilized within a food bank.

Unless stated otherwise, all classes cover features and functionality within P2.

Class Schedule

Order Processing and Warehouse Transfers

How are Agency orders entered and processed. How to Transfer Product between Warehouses.


Physical Inventory and Transforms

How to set up and process a Physical Inventory. How to use the transform screen .


Cash Receipts and Deposits

How to enter Agency payments and then create deposits.


Internal Programs

This session will include instruction on retail pickups, mobile pantries, food rescue and food boxes.



You can now create your own reports in Primarius 2. In this session we will show you how.


Agency Web Window

This session is intended to train the Trainer who will then train a food banks agencies on how to utilize the Primarius Web Window for P2.



Grant tracking from creation to completion. Application of grants to product service fees and costs.


Bar Code (WMS) Processes

Join us as we demonstrate the bar coding processes of the P2 WMS including receiving, physical inventory and guided order selection among others.