Pri cing

Tiered Pricing

P2 subscriptions are based on a tiered pricing model, scaled to the size and needs of your food bank. Each tier is based upon your food bank's annual distribution.

  • P2-Tier1

    Tier 1

    Under 6 million annual poundage

  • P2-Tier2

    Tier 2

    6 - 10 million annual poundage

  • P2-Tier3

    Tier 3

    Over 10 million annual poundage

Customer Care

Included with your subscription, the Customer Care Support Agreement is a testament to the value Primarius places on customer engagement.

When you need software support, you should not have to consult your budget before seeking an answer. Not only does this agreement provide you with continual software updates and enhancements, but one of the core principles behind it is Primarius's commitment to helping you and others within your organization take full advantage of P2’s and its related modules’ capabilities.

Whether it be additional training over the Web or answering a simple question via phone or email, the Primarius team wants to be engaged with you and to support your ongoing mission to service the community.


Built for Food Banks

Primarius develops modern software solutions backed with exceptional support. By designing P2 specifically for food banks and the unique challenges that they face, you are able to streamline your food bank operations, enabling you to focus on your community.