Pug Toons


Pugtoons is a collection of illustrations depicting Fifo - the official mascot of Primarius - in various whimsical costumes. Please take a moment to scroll through our community of pugs; roll your eyes at the occasional pug pun; and most of all, enjoy these one-of-a-kind pugtoons!

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Origin Story

The Primarius Users’ Group meeting is an annual event that brings the Primarius community together to learn about and discuss future development of the software platform. While a popular event, the name itself proved to be a bit too verbose.

What started out as an internal nickname, soon became public - “the PUG.”

Then, one day, an eager graphic designer took it upon herself to illustrate this “pug.”

Despite being the official mascot of Primarius though, the pug went the first few years of its existence nameless. However, during the #2018pug, attendees voted and our beloved pup finally had a name – Fifo.

And things just kinda snowballed from there...


2021 Pugs of the Month

Missed out on the 2020 pugs? Don't worry! They have been moved over to our Pughives.

Inauguration Pug

Pugidential Inauguration

Hail to the Chief Pug!



Won't you be my Pugentine?
Pugs and kisses,

Pug With Thumbs

What If Pets Had Thumbs

What if Fifo had thumbs? He'd give treats and free forklift rides two big thumbs up!!


National Pugicorn Day

On National Unicorn Day (04/09), we prefer to celebrate the unicorn's best friend - the pugicorn!

Pug Outline


Pug Outline


Pug Outline


Pug Outline


Pug Outline


Pug Outline


Pug Outline


Pug Outline


Accounting for humans

Built right into the system, P2 has extensive accounting functionality such as general ledger, accounts payable, financial statements, and budgeting.

And if you are already using an existing accounting system, no problem. You can continue utilizing your current system because P2 includes integrations with many popular accounting software, such as Sage Intacct and Quickbooks.

Captain Pugmerica
Super Pugs
Barcoded pug

Bar Coding with opposable thumbs

The bar code module extends P2's already robust warehouse management capabilities. By utilizing paw-held handheld devices, you can track pallet-level inventory and streamline your product receiving and order picking processes.

Your operations gain efficiency thanks to guided order picking, replenishment queues, retail pickup, pallet inquiry, and more.


Volunteer's best friend

The included volunteer portal and management feature enables you to reach out to your community for the help needed to carry out your mission. You can quickly post new openings with a customized volunteer application.

This solution also makes it easy for your volunteers to view available opportunities; to sign up as an individual or a group; and clock in/out of their assigned shift.

Volunteer Pug

For Your Food Bank

More than an inventory system, P2's capabilities extend beyond your warehouse walls, giving you a flexible and integrated solution for your community.
Mail Pug

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Fifo's paw print